Scream 3 website analysis.

When you look at the website to Scream 3 you can instantly tell that it follows the same theme as the film trailer and also the poster. You can see this due to the colours and the style of the font. The font for the word ‘Scream’ is the same as it is in the trailer and on the poster therefore you can see that it is something that is recognisable for the film. Also, it is in white against a dark background, again portraying the opposition of light and dark, which is Strauss’ theory. The website is for Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3 and also shows a possible Scream 4 therefore would attract a wide audience as Scream is such a popular film. Once you have clicked on Scream 3, the film that I will be analysing, it gives you links, pictures, and also text about the film.

The scream 3 section gives the audience a general overview of what happens in the film along with important information that is needed like the release date. Although this information is quite important, there are links that can be clicked on by the audience to get further information which is in more detail. The pages that can be accessed are, ‘behind the scenes’, ‘downloads’, ‘facts’, ‘music’, ‘pictures’, ‘sound clips’, ‘script’ and ‘videos’, all of which would attract fans of Scream 3. The buttons which are on the left of the website are reasonably big as they are probably the most important elements on the website. They are in black, which white outlines and text which again gives the idea of light and dark, which is used throughout the trailer, poster and now the website, conveying a consistency of these colours. When you click on the links, they go red, connoting blood and violence and adding to this colour theme again.

When clicking the ‘downloads’ link the audience are getting things for their computer which relate to the film, like wallpapers etc. This is a type of synergy and a way of promoting the film if people hadn’t seen it yet. By having wallpapers of Scream 3, and also by giving the audience a chance to use the same font, they are getting other people who haven’t watched it, to watch it and therefore are making more money, proving that a website for the film is a good way of getting more people to see their film.

Every page which is linked off the homepage use white font on the dark background, again showing the consistency not only through the Scream 3 website but also through all 3 Scream films and also their trailers and posters. This has enabled me to understand that when designing my promotion package I know that I will need to use similar colours throughout to ensure that I am attracting a wide audience, as these colours will be recognisable for my film.

Although representation is presented clearly throughout the Scream 3 website, the colours are the main impact of this. Like the film’s trailer, and film poster, the colours used are dark and therefore show that not much is being revealed to the audience. The darkness conveys a sense of enigma as the audience can’t see much about the film and therefore they want to watch it to find out more. Although this is the case, the links provided on the website present the audience with a lot more infomration about the film.

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