This is a list to show what I have done so far:

August 15th – First Attempt of my Film Treatment

August 21st – I finished the first version of the film treatment

August 24th – I started to analysis my first chosen movie, which is Death Note.

August 26th – Still working on the Death Note analysis
– Search into the genre of my film on amazon.com and decided which other 2 movies I am analyzing

August 30th – Worked on my Film Analysis

September 2nd – Finishing off the Film Analysis

September 6th – Started my Questionnaire at school

September 9th – Working on my Questionnaire, hanged out, and recorded the results

September 10th – Started my Story Broad

September 13th, 15th, 16th – Working on Story Broad, Refining ideas through out

September 16th – Also posted my Textual Analysis online

September 17th – Worked on all areas looking for improvements and things that I missed.

September 18th – Posted all my planning on to WordPress.com

September 19th – started my website and poster

September 21st – Looked at different fonts which can be used on my products

September 20th onward – continue with the construction of my ancillary texts

Ancillary Tasks are always updated when new idea comes in

October 8th, 9th and 10th – Filmed for the first part of my trailer

October 10th – Posted my ancillary texts on wordpress.com

October 10th onward – Editing and Filming for my trailer

This is just a part of the saved trailer I have done… a lot more saved on the Macs desktop.

November 22nd – Posted my trailer online

November 22nd onward, improving all my products, and posting it all on wordpress.com

December – Started my evaluation and keeps on improving my products

December 13th – posted my Evaluation and everything that I have done online.

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