Scream 3 poster analysis.

The film poster for Scream 3 is easily recognisable to be that film once you have seen the trailer. This is because there is a theme that is portrayed throughout both the trailer and the poster. The colour theme of black white and red add to this as these three colours are used most in the trailer and poster. On the trailer the use of white is for the title of the film, and red for the number 3 which is used on the poster too. This shows that this occurs as a theme for the film. The use of black and white also conveys Levi-Strauss’ theory of the opposition of light and dark as this is a typical opposition to use in a horror film. The use of light and dark is used in both the trailer and the poster again showing an occurrence of this opposition.

On this film poster, the first thing the audience recognises is the characters faces. This is because they are all dressed in black although have a light shining on their faces and therefore they’re facial expressions are clear for the audience to see. This uses the opposition of light and dark again to draw the audience’s attention to the faces of the characters. Every character is looking directly at the camera even though not all of them are facing it. The woman in the middle of the characters is the biggest and is the only one facing the front of the poster, hinting that she is the most important of them all. This uses the rule of thirds and it instantly draws the audience’s attention to her as she is in the middle of not only the 5 people, but the poster as a whole. The use of this image shows the genre of horror well due to the facial expressions and also they’re clothing. As black connotes danger and evil, they have been dressed in this colour and also have dark hair to build upon this idea. Their facial expressions are serious and hint that they are angry, or are in danger. The next thing the audience sees is the ‘3’ that is in white in the middle of the poster. This is because of the colour that is used for it as the white stands out against the black background. This also draws attention because of the eye in the centre of the 3. Although the audience has no idea what this eye has to do with the film, the expression in it hints to danger. The red writing at the top of the poster is a quote which again makes the audience want to watch the film as they trust what they have to say. The reason that it is red is because this connotes danger and blood and therefore relates to the genre of horror and is eye catching in this sense. There is a second quote which is also in red for this reason, again making the audience trust what they have to say and therefore making them want to watch the film as it is ‘entertaining’. The colour of these quotes stand out from the dark background making it easy for the audience to read without being too close to the poster. Although the title of the film isn’t in a big font and there are elements on the poster that stand out more due to their size, ‘Scream 3’ is in a bold font and therefore clearly stands out from the background. The colours of the title are similar to way they are in the trailer as the 3 is red, just like it was at the end of the trailer. This makes the poster recognisable for someone who has seen the trailer as once they see the ‘Scream’ in white and ‘3’ in red, they instantly know which film it is and want to watch it. At the bottom of the poster are the less important things that won’t necessarily sell the film. They are the credits, information on video’s and DVD’s and the slogan which is different for a film poster. Usually, the slogan is in a big font at the top of the poster in order for the audience to link the slogan to the trailer or film, although on this film poster it is in smaller font at the bottom. Although this is the case, as it is red it stands out from everything on the bottom of the page and therefore is still easy to see by the audience.

The colours in this poster add to the represntation of an enigma, which follows the same idea as the film trailer. The background of the poster is black and therefore creates a mystery as thinks aren’t seen by the audience. This idea is also presented in what the characters are wearing, and also their facial expressions. They are all wearing black and therefore add to the representation of horror throughout the poster. They’re facial expressions are serious and look worried, again adding to the genre of the film.

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